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Tree Hugging and Come to Jesus Moments

April 29th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Interesting

photo by: cindy47452

It has rained in New Jersey and I can breathe again! All 11 gallons of snot I collected in tissues last week has made its way to the landfill. Last week I became a complete and utter tree hugger. It was as if I became a cult member and felt compelled to tell everyone the news. Kinda like my family that have been born again and feel the need to save my soul at every family gathering. Bless their hearts. I am excited about the changes I am making in my life and I will share. This does not mean I expect everyone to rush out to do as I have. I think I have family and friends that would prefer I was trying to convert them to a cult than preaching about the environment. I think we all have to be happy with ourselves and this past week I identified something that I wanted to change and wanted to share with everyone. This past week has also been filled with what I call Come to Jesus moments.

A Come to Jesus moment describes a few things in my world. It is that moment where I finally figure something out in my life such as when I realized my husband is never going to volunteer to clean or not complain that Oprah is taking up space on our TiVo. When I figure out that flicking off bad drivers makes me feel better in the moment but creates a driving hazard because my hands are not at 4 and 8. (It is no longer 10 and 2!) It is a moment where I can’t hold back from sharing the truth with others. You know when you tell a friend that she has might want to consider a belt to keep her pants up or when you tell your sister she should quit smoking when she didn’t realize you knew she was smoking. These moments happen quite frequently with my nieces and other small children trying to learn their way in our world. Yeah, pulling up my shirt in public or telling me “I don’t have to listen to you.”, will cause a prompt Come to Jesus moment. I had a Come to Jesus Moment about my blogging. I love writing but it had taken up a lot of my time. I started blogging because I had the operation and then the broken foot. I am all better and I am going to resume my normal activities. I will still be blogging, but I think I am going to slow down with Entrecard dropping and I am not going to worry if I don’t post on a day because I decided to make sandcastles with my nieces instead. So my Come to Jesus Moment for you all today is that life is just too short to not take the time to look around, to appreciate what you have, to reflect on things, to try things you never thought you would and to find in your world what makes you happy. I hope you all finding your bliss!


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  • Rene

    That’s funny because I’ve had the same moment! I’m no longer freaking out if I don’t see “300 per day.” Building sand castles is much more important…just like planting everything imaginable in my yard is more important for me. 😀

  • Jillian

    You’re the second person I’ve read that had decided to slow down! But good on you! Hope you continue to enjoy life!

  • fragileheart

    I think it’s the change of weather that’s brought it all on… but all I know is I support ya 100% 🙂 Hope you have some wonderful moments to share with us when you do get-a-blogging.

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