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Thursday Thirteen

February 28th, 2008 · 14 Comments · Interesting

My husband and I like interesting conversation and debate. So I decided to dedicate this list to naming the thirteen non-religious, English speaking (Sorry, we aren’t fluent in any other language.) but dead individuals whom we would like to invite to a dinner party.  Who would you add to the list?

1. Adam Smith

2. Milton Friedman

3. Thurgood Marshall

4. Thomas Jefferson

5. Ronald Reagan

6. Eleanor Roosevelt

7. Edgar Allan Poe

8. William Shakespeare

9. Queen Elizabeth I

10. Susan B. Anthony

11. Nikola Tesla

12. Martin Luther King, Jr.

13. Lee Harvey Oswald

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  • Harris Channing

    That would be an interesting dinner party! I would love to come and talk to them. Add Bob Hope!


  • Mike Riley

    I like your list [bonus points for adding Nikola Tesla, the real reason we have electricity in our homes]. I’m not sure who I’d remove from your list, but I’d add:

    -Benjamin Franklin [probably a bit of a windbag, but his life was truly fascinating]

    –Richard Nixon [History indicates he was going to win in ’72 anyway; why did he get greedy?]

    -Hedda Hopper [what was it like to have so much power in Hollywood, just with gossip?]

    -Brian Epstein [the man who pushed the Beatles over the top; how did he come up with the subtle changes that took them global?]

  • Laura

    Happy TT. I don’t even have a plan for mine yet. 🙂

  • fragileheart

    Can I come too? 😀

  • Kat's Krackerbox

    What about Marilyn Monroe? Such beauty and talent, must have lots to say. Happy TT

  • ellen b

    Princess Diana or Robin Hood (oops he’s not really real) or Grace Kelly…

  • Chelle Y.

    Ronald Reagan would be on my list too.

  • Alice Audrey

    You’re not seating Ronald Reagan next to Eleanor Roosevelt, are you? She’d have him stuttering in mintues.

  • she

    more men than women, huh? hehe

  • angelle

    I find Elizabeth I fascinating.

  • karla ~ looking towards heaven

    I agree with your list. I’d like to add Lady Jane Gray. I’ve always found her story interesting.

    Happy T13 (Mine is a gross one…)


  • Nicholas

    Winston Churchill, Thomas Edison, Libby Holman. Slip a truth drug into Oswald’s drink so you could be sure he’d tell the truth about “that” day.

    I did this for one of my earliest TTs. I included jack the Ripper, so I could find out exactly who he was.

  • Nathalie

    Hmmm, my first thought was Robin Hood as well… 🙂 I would add a certain Luke de Tani to the list as well, not known to many people, but he was an ancestor of mine living in England in the middle ages. Just curious what his life was like and what he looked like. But, Shakespeare will do just as well 🙂
    Lovely TT and thanks for visting mine!

  • Tink

    Interesting guests! I’d like to add W.B. Yeats!
    Thanks for visiting my TT trees slideshow.

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