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Thirteen Thursday:13 Things I have heard kids say that cracked me up.

February 21st, 2008 · 5 Comments · Humor

These are things that my nieces, cousins, or friend’s children have said that I find hilarious. I wish I could have recorded them saying these for this list.

1. “I’m pooping in here.” (This takes complete silence and concentration.)

2. “Focus. Focus on me.” (As she snaps her fingers at her mom.)

3. “My favorite color is changing on my birthday… No I don’t know what it is going to be. I just know it is going to change.”

4. “Butt-crack, Butt-crack, Butt-crack.”

5. “That’s President Washington and his best friend was Lincoln.”

6. “It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time.”

7. “What’d you Say?” (When he doesn’t want to recognize your point.)

8. “You got a booby trap!” (She is talking about a bra.)

9. “I farted.” (Spoken as loudly as possible in a very crowded restaurant.)

10. “I know, how about we….” (when he wants to redirect to do something else.)

11. “Disgusting old people!”(She doesn’t know what the word means. But people react.)

12. “Knock, Knock. Orange. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” (Forget the punch line. She can’t get past this point without starting to laugh.)

13. “There is an evil faction in the living room.” (He will be dictator of a small island nation, SOON.)

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