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There is no place like home…

April 4th, 2008 · 3 Comments · Interesting


I miss my home. In no particular order, I miss my husband, my bed, my cats, my computer, my sister and her family, and my friends.  When I travel, I carry things that are essential. I always bring my pillow, chap-stick, my husband’s stuffed llama and my after shower lotion. As each day goes by though, I catch myself wishing I had brought something else with me. Today I wanted my Crocs, my large plastic drinking glass, and my Ralph Lauren bath sheets. There is nothing like a warm bath sheet after a shower. This makes me miss my bed, because I am a lotion applying fiend after a shower and I do this balanced on the edge of my bed. I wanted my Crocs because I am constantly running outside to take out the trash, check the mail, or run an errand for my mom. As I blog and attempt to drop a few Entrecards, I so miss my computer but more importantly the large plastic glasses that I keep filled with water and ice by my computer.  I couldn’t take IE for another day so I had to install Firefox on my mom’s computer. She about fell out in the floor because I changed something on her system. I totally understand her taking issue, but I don’t function well with IE. Six days and counting till I go home. I can hear my bed calling!

P.S. My mom is recovering quite nicely. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and kind thoughts!


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  • fragileheart

    Awh Beekers, I missed having a proper desk while I was living in Ireland. I used to sit at the end of my bed, and use my laptop that was sitting on a shelving unit. It was NOT good for my back. I find I miss more things about my life in Dublin than I missed about my life here in Toronto. But that might be because more things were ‘mine’ when I was in Dublin. Living with my parents is very different – obviously. lol Hope the 6 days goes by quickly for you.

    Glad to hear your Mum’s recovering well. 😀

  • Jillian

    I’m with you on the Ralph Lauren bath towels… those are NICE! Also, you’re the first person who admits to liking Crocs. I like them as well and don’t get the hate.

  • Beekers

    Fragile: I don’t know what I would do without a desk. I guess you just make do. Being back at home with my mom makes me miss having my own space. I don’t miss mom’s rules!

    Jillian: I adore those towels. Nothing is better. People really knock the Crocs, but not me. I love mine. They are bright green and really comfy!

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