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The Last 48 Hours

May 3rd, 2009 · 4 Comments · life

I just got in from a trip down to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.  We had decided to get away this weekend to just think about everything that is going on and to make three very important decisions.

Decision 1: Pete turned down the job in NYC!  This is a really good thing. It would have been more money but I would have been an IT widow. Apparently the gentleman offering the job was incredulous that Pete would walk away from so much money.  Money apparently makes his world revolve.  I say, “A rich asshole, is still an asshole.” I actually like spending time with my husband, as much as this seems to puzzle some.

Decision 2: We are going to embrace our eccentric (defined as bi-polar for those up north) relative because that is what good southern people do.  We like our tea sweet and no family celebration would be complete without someone doing something that makes us all say, “Bless their heart!”  I hope offering love and moral support will help her.

Decision 3: We are moving out of this house. Our neighbor is building an ark for the next flood. Lately inspiration to build hits between the hours of 3 p.m. and 2 a.m.  I wonder if it is too much to ask the next landlord for a psych evaluation of the neighbors?

I think we have accomplished a lot.


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  • Carole

    Making big decisions IS an accomplishment, especially THREE of them! Sounds like it was a great idea to go to the beach and think things over.

  • Margaret

    sounds like good decisions all of them. Well, with the possible one about the relative….there may be rough water ahead with that one, but blood is blood. It will give you something interesting in your life :p

  • Chantal

    I agree with Margaret, lessons of life makes us stronger. Love is the key!

  • Debbie

    Even when you’re unsure what your final decisions will be, and if you’re still not sure if you’ve made the right ones, it sure feels good when you can finally say “we’ve made a decision”. That’s half the battle right there. Congrats!

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