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The Future Bridezilla

March 19th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Humor


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I was visiting my sister today and it happened to be that while we were talking the show Bridezilla came on television. This was an episode about a Texas bride. The show decided it needed to focus on a bride that lived in the country versus Dallas, Houston, or Austin. A friend of mine married into the groom’s family a few years ago and attended the Bridezilla wedding. I had to share this with my sister and I mentioned Monique’s blog entry regarding crazy women who will do anything to get their man. I guess the upcoming wedding season explains the billions of shows, ads, stories and blogs about weddings that I see everywhere. My mom has been married five times. I decided at a young age that I didn’t see the point of marriage and that my education was the most important thing. I told my mom I would adopt an 18 year old and put them through college and that would be my contribution to the world. I felt this way until I met my husband. I still contemplate fostering a child and putting them through college. I don’t want my nieces to feel like they are defined by the number of karats in their engagement ring or that college is about getting their MRS. I want them to find their bliss and then look around if they want to find a partner.

A few weeks ago I asked my niece if she was interested in being a vet because she loves animals. She told me, “No, being a vet doesn’t pay well. I want to be a neurosurgeon and help people.” My nieces and young cousins are very bright and I want them to all go to college. My mantra with them is: “First we graduate high school, then we graduate college or trade school, then we go straight into an advanced degree program or work for a few years and then we go back for an advanced degree, then if we have a best friend who we want to be with forever, we get married.” I know they may not go this route and I am okay if things work our differently for them, but I want them to know I think college is important.

So today, I was telling my niece Hanniah the mantra. My sister spoke up and said, “I don’t care if the girls ever get married. They don’t have to get married. They have to get an education.” My niece looked at us and said, ” I want to get married. I already have a best friend. His name is Jack. I’m gonna marry Jack.” She flips her hair and saunters off. Well, she told us. I guess my sister will have a little explaining to do with her teacher tomorrow.


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  • Monique

    I used to feel the exact same way.. determined to never get married. Just settle into life with someone and live together. That was until I met my husband.

    I’m glad I changed my mind. 🙂

    And oh… the people on that show Bridezilla makes me crazy! But I watch it every chance I get.

  • fragileheart

    Me too. I used to say I didn’t ever want to get married. And I don’t even know why because my parents have a great marriage and there hasn’t been that much marriage drama in the family. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that since I started dating – I’ve always been ‘the sexy one’, so basically not the one with substance. Not the long term relationship girlfriend, but the fling. So I never felt like marriage was ever ‘my thing’.

    BUT… I’m softening on the idea. But only because my boyfriend and I just get along so well and well, I just love him so much. But… I’m still very guarded on the issue.

    Have never seen an episode – because I’m pretty sure I might just be a mild version of anything you see there lol

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