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The Friendly Skies?

June 8th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Gripes

I use to love flying. Flying now ranks up there with getting my annual pap or going to the DMV. Monday evening I had a direct flight from Newark to Austin. The weather was perfect and I was going out to Austin for getaway with my girlfriends. The first hint of a problem came when I noticed the plane at the gate being tugged away about 10 minutes before we were suppose to board. We were suppose to board at 7:30pm but no plane had replaced the removed plane. The flight was suppose to take off at 8pm. A new plane showed up at 7:50pm and they began to board. Once we were all on board, they announce a mechanical problem and they are sorry but the power needed for the air conditioning and turning on the plane was not available. So we sat in the heat waiting. At 8:45 they announce they fixed the problem but a security breach had shut down the airport. At 9pm they announce the breach is over and we will move soon. The plane pulls back from the gate and sits still. The captain comes on to tell us that the plane in front of us was so heavy it had sunk into the tarmac and could not move. We had to wait for it to be tugged out of the way. We then waited behind 20 plus other planes for take off which did not occur until 10:15. I won’t go into the heat and smell from the restroom we had to endure while waiting. So my three hour flight turned into 6 and a half lovely hours aboard a plane I was worried would lose it’s engines mid-flight. Clear skies does not mean on-time.

I also have to say that my fellow air travelers are not operating their life rafts with both oars in the water. If you are traveling cover up! Ladies, no one should be able to tell your waxing technique. I swear I saw a woman whose skirt covered nothing when she sat down. As you go up in altitude, it will get colder. Shorts, tank tops, and flip flops will not keep you warm. So many people dressed this way on my flight that they turned on the heat to accommodate them. I say let their butts freeze! I am amazed at the number of people who still recline their seats. Anyone who thinks it is cool to recline your seat deserves to have knees shoved into the back of their seat as they rest and the occasional drink dropped on their head. I was imagining the fun you could have writing on their foreheads with a sharpie.

I do say kudos to the mom who came on board with her three kids. She had mp3 players, video games, books, snacks, drinks, and was very firm about her expectations for their behavior. I have never sat next to such well behaved kids on a flight before!


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  • TOPolk

    I flew out to Newark from Charlotte last week. We had a “mechanical failure” on our flight as well and they couldn’t power the A/C. Lemme tell you, there’s nothing more “fun” than to sit on an airplane at 6:30am in 87 degree (and quickly rising) temperature. Thankfully by 7:30 we were up and running… Ugh.

  • fragileheart

    Yikes… can’t believe that crap! The only thing I seem to have a problem with is getting my baggage (touchwood). And that is the best Mom in the world (for the rest of us)… the flight home from Dublin had so many crying babies I was just glad I had my Nintendo DS with me!

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