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April 6th, 2009 · 2 Comments · Gripes


Tax season leaves me feeling as though I ate 100 Cadbury Creme Eggs in one sitting.  I recall with fondness the days when I could fill out a 1040 EZ form because I made jack squat as a college student/part-time jill of all trades.  Since marrying my husband and actually owning something other than my 1994 Ford Aspire, we now rely on our accountant Mickey.  While I am glad to have Mickey in our lives, I really wish the United States would do something about our tax code. It is ridonkulous that the IRS doesn’t always understand the codes they are charged to enforce.  Please take a moment to read about the Fair Tax concept and if you agree, please sign the petition in the far right sidebar!


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  • Damien

    Yes. Another one I don’t appreciate like I used to is the EIC. Someone I know who works 5 months out of the year and collects welfare gets a couple thousand for doing squat.

  • Beekers

    I don’t understand the Earned Income Credit (EIC) at all. I especially don’t understand how part-time workers can claim it.

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