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Scratch That Off the To Do List

March 14th, 2008 · 11 Comments · Interesting

I am so happy today! I got an email today from the Eddie Izzard fan club. He added two shows in late June at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. Since I joined the club (for free) I was sent an opportunity to pre-order tickets before they went on sale to the public. So I hopped on Ticketmaster and got two tickets. You might recall how disappointed I was that I couldn’t get tickets to see him on our anniversary. On June 28th at Radio City Music Hall, my husband and I will be enjoying a performance by the utterly amazing Eddie Izzard! I wasn’t expecting to scratch off any of the items from my “Things to Do Before I Die” list this year, so I am thrilled!


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  • haleyhughes

    Excellent. You’ll have a great time.

    Thanks for sharing that news, because now I see that he’ll be in my neck of the woods in May.

    Did you sign up with or a different site?

  • Beekers

    Yep, I went to and signed up. You have to okay them sending you notices via email. I hope you get to see the show!

  • Deb on the Rocks

    I love Eddie. I’m soooooo jealous. I saw him once a few years ago, and it was sublime therapy!

  • Annie

    I am also a huge Eddie Izzard fan. I have “Dressed To Kill” saved on my Tivo from 2001 so I can watch it anytime. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law just saw him live and said the HBO special was better. She said he obviously drinks and whatever else during the back stage breaks and his performance suffers. I hope that was a one time thing. I will be anxious to read your review on it. I hope you have a great time!

  • Beekers

    I guessed he might have a few habits. Hopefully he pulls things together for our show. I will let ya know!

  • Kelly

    I’m SO jealous. He’s so wickedly funny!

  • Klaus

    “Dressed to kill” is the best standup comedians performance I’ve ever seen. The way he smacks everything and everyone with out an iota of respect, though never being mean about it is priceless. Have fun!
    Cheers, Klaus

  • haleyhughes

    I got my Eddie tickets for one of his Chicago performances. 🙂

    “Dressed to Kill” was so fabulously funny, we taped it and made all of our friends watch it, and it never got old for us.

    Went to see Eddie live on his “Circle” tour. Had a great time, but it wasn’t quite the same as “Dressed to Kill”. What was fun, though, was seeing the new works in progress, then watching the “Circle” DVD later and seeing them finished.

  • Kelly

    Wicked Haley! When *I’m* going to be Chicago, Eddie’s going to be out west. I’ll just have to figure out how to see him in Boston.

  • Beekers

    Haley: YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelly: That has always been my problem. When I was in the area, he was somewhere else. I had tried for six years to be in the right place with tickets.

  • Kelly

    I’m SORT OF close to NYC… and I’m SORT OF close to Boston. But getting to either one is a royal pain. And people like Eddie Izzard don’t come to Albany, NY. LOL

    Hmmm. Though, come to think of it, Proctor’s over in Schenectady is starting draw some pretty big names. Maybe, maybe… some day.

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