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Octuplets, Why Stop There?

February 10th, 2009 · No Comments · Current Events, Gripes


Update: You can now visit her website to give donations. (

Holy Shit….that was my first thought when I read about the woman in California who just gave birth to octuplets.  We have been going through fertility treatment and this story was more than a little unsettling.  Everyone jokes around about the litter we could have and  I can’t imagine us caring for eight newborns.  Every decision we have made about fertility treatment has been done with the intent of not having multiple births.  News of the octuplets is followed by the fact that she has six other children at home.  All were conceived through IVF.  I was flabbergasted to learn that she is a single mother who depends on her parents to support and care for her children.  Today I read that she does receive food stamps and three of her children receive  payments from the federal government due to their disabilities. But she has the money to go through expensive IVF procedures? I have to question this woman’s sanity. You have six children, three with disabilities, and you think it is a good idea to go through another IVF cycle? She claims she did not think it would work.  Then why do it? Clearly IVF has worked for you in the past if you have six kids.   I have read that there are those that believe  it is her right to have as many children as she wants.  I understand her not being able to go through with selective reduction, which is essentially terminating a few of the pregnancies to increase the odds of  carrying full term healthy babies.   I do however question her decision to get pregnant when she was already having problems caring for her existing family.   She is a student.  I can recall my college years and I can’t imagine doing that with six children.  When you go through fertility treatment there is a deliberateness about everything you do.  There are no whoopsies.  You can stop everything up until that last moment.  Not many people have that luxury when conception occurs.  While I am laying on a table waiting for the procedure to start all I can think about is giving a child a good life.  According to her all she could think about is wanting more children.  I am less concerned about Ms. Suleman’s rights as I am for those children whose single, unemployeed mother decided to expand the family to  fourteen children.  She does not have a job. She is currently living off of student loans and her parents according to her own statements. My mother was a single mom with my two sisters and me.  She worked two jobs and we did not see her a lot. There were times when we barely got by. My sisters and their husbands have three children each. I watch them work hard to meet the needs of their children and to afford life’s necessities.  You can say that all children need is love and I say bull crap.  These eight babies are going to need medical care and  assistance for years to come. These children are likely to have physical disabilities, chronic health problems, and lets not forget the developmental delays and learning disabilities they will have to overcome.  Then think about feeding, clothing, housing, and trying to meet the emotional needs of all fourteen children.   Not many people can finance the needs of that many kids. The last time I checked Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are not adopting.  There is always Angelina and Brad, but I don’t think they are into domestic adoption. It sounds as though her mother and father are tired of caring for her and the children, which means it won’t be long before welfare plays a larger role in her life.  This means that you and I will be supporting her right to have fourteen children.  If you are okay with this, then why should she stop having children? Oh by the way, it is going to cost upwards of 3 million to fund the babies’ care while in the hospital. Ms. Suleman thinks she is being vilified because of her single mother status. I think she is being vilified because given the economy and her own poor finances she paid for an expensive treatment to conceive a child.  While people across our nation are sacrificing and going without, she decided to have children that we as taxpayers will have to support.  She will not be held accountable.    Her shortsighted thinking is a symptom of our social problems.  We want everything now and expect to not be held responsible for the consequences of our actions. Someone else will take care of that.


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