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Number 6

April 18th, 2008 · 7 Comments · Interesting

I found out today that my middle sister is pregnant with her third child. I am excited but a little worried about things like the cost of food, clothing, and shelter. Kids are expensive! At last count, we have four nieces and one nephew. My baby sister has two girls and a boy. My middle sister has two daughters and I think this is her Hail Mary attempt to push out a boy. Her husband has one of those names that ends in a Roman Numeral and he is desperate to prove that his sperm can seal the deal on a baby boy. He has been praying to see a kickstand in an ultra sound for a little over six years. Something just tells me this is a girl. I guess in 6 months we will know for sure.


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  • Rachel

    Congrats! My sister is preggers as well, she is due in October! This will be her second, and I am super excited for her.

    The cost of a child is crazy especially if you don’t breastfeed and you use disposable diapers instead of cloth. I was so relieved when my son got potty trained out with the diapers, the formula gone, now it is just the ever growing need for clothes and shoes, and of course toys!

  • Maitri Libellule

    Hello There! I will be holding a good thought for a roman numeral, but just a healthy baby I’m sure will please him! I adore your blog and am delighted to be advertising on it right now. All good luck, prayers and joy to you and yours (and I’ll stick in a few Hail Mary’s for good measure! :o).

    Nice to meet you,

    Maitri, whose ad is currently at the top of your page!

  • blog of bra

    Ah…you’re right kids are expensive especially here in my country where everything is getting more and more expensive these days. I only have one child at the moment, a 4 years 8 months old boy.

    But, congrats anyway to your sister 🙂

  • Damien Riley

    Wow! That is the clearest ultrasound I have ever seen! Must be a sign the child will have clarity of mind. A blogger perhaps? 😉

  • Beekers

    Damien: That is a copy of our nephew’s ultrasound. I think the baby is about the size of a Junior Mint right now. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Hey Becky, Just me the little sister with 3 kids. I thought that peeper looked familiar:) Yeah the little one on the way better have a twig & berries or were in for a large amount of nieces! Yes kids are expensive, our son is 2/3 of our grocery bill. Disposable diapers are more eco friendly than cloth, due to water usage and detergent put into the water system. Formula is so expensive because the gov’t. knows we need it. I keep in mind it’s only for one year but as we have learned from our other 2 kids, the cost change form into more grown up items….So kids are a lifelong investment! Thanks for sharing his ultrasound pic!


  • fragileheart

    I dunno… I think I can see a mighty big kickstand in that sonogram… 😛 Congrats to your sis. And yes, kids are expensive! So I can’t figure out how so many kids have babies!

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