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My TiVo thinks I am deceased.

March 17th, 2008 · 11 Comments · TV/Movies/Music


I don’t watch a lot of television. In fact my husband and I decided to subscribe to basic cable, which costs us $15 a month. We use to have every channel known to woman, but we realized with our schedules and our interests that it didn’t make sense to spend money on something we did not use. The programs I watch were almost entirely on network television and the few that aren’t come out on DVD a few months after the end of the season. I love my TiVo. It stores my favorite programs for when the urge hits to watch a couple hours of television. I only record new episodes which, other than LOST, have been non existing during the recent writer’s strike. I can imagine the little TiVo guy, knocking on my television screen asking, “Are you dead?” Well the networks announced the dates for programming to resume. My little TiVo guy is back in action. This afternoon, I dusted the TV and made the little guy’s day by checking all my settings. These are the shows I really care about:

HOUSE, Tuesday April 28th

Grey’s Anatomy, Thursday April 24th

Ugly Betty, Thursday April 24th

Two and a Half Men, TONIGHT!!!!


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  • haleyhughes

    I love my TiVo! We lived for a long time on expanded basic because our TiVo ensured that there were always programs available that we wanted to watch.

    With the writers strike, it’s been a sad, lonely time for the little TiVo guy. Happy it’s over and the shows are coming back. Yeah! HOUSE!

  • Laura

    I usually watch TV while I’m blogging and doing email. I don’t watch many shows that I’d care if I missed a week or three. I did see the last two Grey’s Anatomy, pretty bloody. I think I’m kind of turned off by it now. I did like the dance therapy, did some of that myself even. The funny thing I thought about was that red haired guy, why does he play the same nice goofball kind of guy and always die on every show he is on.

  • Beekers

    Haley: I love House. When we are sick, we joke,”At least its not Lupus.”
    Laura: I only know Seth Green from the Austin Power movies and his voice work, but I agree about the blood. I just fast forward through those parts.

  • Damien Riley

    That Seth Green episode was in poor taste. But thena again, so was the ER when they helicopter chopped the docs arm off. I guess that’s TV nowadays. We are big into TIVO as well.

  • Carmi

    I wish we could give up cable altogether. Between downloading episodes online and buying DVDs, we can pretty much get whatever we want without having to worry about when it’s on.

    TiVo recently came to Canada, and even then it’s very hard to find. I’m just as inclined to buy a generic PVR and connect it up to an antenna. When digital TV hits the landscape, reception will be a non-issue.

    Thanks, btw, for your very funny comment this past Wordless Wednesday. I never thought I had a clean brow line, but now that you mention it, I guess I kinda do!

    Nice to e-meet you via WW. I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff, and hope you’ll drop by on non-WW days, too!

  • Beekers

    I use to watch ER. I will never forget the arm thing and then a helicopter fell on the guy. Talk about bad luck!

  • fragileheart

    Gaaaaaahhhh Grey’s Anatomy!! Finally! I can’t wait. Now when is Heroes back on? I think I’m going to die from Milo withdrawal soon!

  • Jillian

    I LOVE “Greys Anatomy” and I just found out another favorite: “The Big Bang Theory” is back on the air!

    Am I excited? Yes!

  • Beekers

    The Big Bang Theory is like hanging out with my husband’s friends. Lots of fun!

  • pilotg2

    House is great. I was never into grey’s or ugly betty. I catch 2.5 men when there is nothing else on. The shows I can’t miss are Bones, Monk, Psych, and Supernatural. Unfortunately monk and psych run short seasons and split the seasons in half so you get 6 or 7 episodes in spring and fall.

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