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My Sister’s New Home

October 5th, 2008 · No Comments · New Jersey

Pete and I spent our weekend helping my sister and brother-in-law begin the process of renovating their newly purchased home. The house needs some work before they can move in, so we volunteered to clean, to paint, and to keep our two nieces and one nephew occupied when necessary. I am so excited for my sister and her family. They have sacrificed for the last five years to get to this point. Real estate in NJ is expensive…even in the current market.  They have saved and waited for the right opportunity. The view they have is amazing and the house is sitting on a lot of land that will allow them to add on to the house when they are ready. The house has a lot of potential but it needs a bit of work.

The house was built in 1953 and for the last 15 years was inhabited by people who were allergic to cleaning products, who smoked and who had no concept of how to care for an indoor cat and dog.  I just want 10 minutes with the previous owner. I want to know how could five people live in such absolute filth? I can’t begin to describe the cobwebs, the pet hair, the carpeting soaked with pet urine, empty beer and alcohol bottles, mold, dirt, and general grime we encountered. Five people lived in the house. One of which was a pregnant woman and her young child.  They were not renters. They owned the property. I can understand that a shortage of money would prevent them from doing some of the maintenance but cleaning your stove takes a rag, some water, soap, and elbow grease.  If you have a cat, then it is in the best interest of your health and your pet’s health to clean out their litter box daily.  These people could afford FIOS but not a tub of new litter?

Lucky for us, my sister and I grew up with a mother who is a germaphobe and a stepfather who really was a Sergeant in the US Army. We know what clean looks like and how it smells. I can’t wait to see how everything looks once the renovations are done!


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