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March 7th, 2008 · 11 Comments · Interesting

I wrote an entry the other day about Stick People decals. I see them a lot on minivans. Well I received an email warning me about the decals. Apparently some people feel that vehicles with these decals are promoting the knowledge that they have children and the sex of their children to pedophiles.  These people think that having these decals is like asking someone to prey on your children. Personally I think all minivans need this bumper sticker:


What else is a minivan but a huge, screaming, mobile ad that you have children? Minivans practically yell out to the world,”The calendar method of birth control has a few quirks.” Who chooses to drive a minivan but has no children? I can only think of florist and caterers. But they usually have a huge sign on the side of their minivan advertising their business. So why stop at getting rid of stick figure decals?  We should start a campaign to get rid of minivans. Because if there are no stick figure decals or minivans, pedophiles can’t possibly figure out who has children.

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  • Chuck (a/k/a Rhonda)

    OK. Odd. Somebody else just posted some negative stuff about minivans yesterday…it wasn’t you, I don’t think, right. Just plain weird!

  • Beekers

    I don’t hate minivans…they serve a purpose for families. I just think they say, “I have a family.” and it doesn’t matter if you have stickers. Pedophiles don’t pick out victims based on the stickers on their parent’s car.

  • pilotg2

    The stick figure stickers are better then actual pictures, or posting those pictures on a blog for the entire world to see. Personally I think we should all live in individual plastic bubbles, bread through cloning or other artificial means, never leave how bubble holding cells (which serve as houses) have everything delivered by robots and never physically contact or communicate with another human.

  • Beekers

    Hermetically sealed worlds for everyone! Oh if only life could be so wonderful.

  • pilotg2

    It would certainly prevent the spread of diseases and put a huge dent, if not completely erradicate, crime. Mine is already on order, in a nice shade of blue.

  • Jillian

    I just take issue with the fact that most of the people who own these minivans drive slower than a grandma on a Sunday afternoon. But otherwise, I have no problem with them whatsoever!

  • LeisaWatkins

    OK. I’ll admit it. I had that idea briefly pop into my head, The one that we are advertising to the world that we have kids. But then I quickly realized that I must be really tired or something because, duh, the glass windows allow them to see that we have kids in the car. So who needs the plastic stick figures to tell that.

    I guess they figure that maybe if it’s sitting in the drive way it may be a signal that kids live at the home. But then again, so could the bikes, the scooter, the basketball, etc. that are in the yard.

  • castocreations

    bwa ha ha ha ha That is TOO funny! Although my mom drove a minivan for years after the kids left the house. Even bought a new one after we were all out. 🙂 She’s since down sized though.

  • questionfromtheback

    I guess question is why do parents put those stickers up? I have two wonderful kids – but am divorced? I guess I can’t put up a wife sticker …did I lose? Are these trophies? Should I put my children’s GPA and my salary back there as well? I’m really so confused.

  • Beekers

    I could see people putting bumper stickers on their cars that say, “Honk if you make 50,000 a year, plus benefits.”

  • Seattle flower delivery

    I saw a stick figure decal I thought was pretty funny. It had the normal mom, dad, and 3 kids stick figures, but the mom had been scratched out and above it was written “open position.”

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