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July 5th, 2009 · 2 Comments · life

Yesterday marked five years since my grandfather passed away.  Each year as the date gets closer, I spend quite a bit of time reflecting on him and the special times we shared. I do tend to get a little depressed but generally being around family and friends while celebrating the 4th helps pass the time.  This year we planned to spend the 4th with my sister and her family and a group of good friends.  The day started with my sister and her family needing to cancel because they were all still recovering from some stomach virus.   This bummed me out a bit, but I didn’t want to catch anything.   I knew my friend’s kids would be a bit disappointed but I figured we could keep them busy enough to not notice my nieces and nephew didn’t attend. We drove over to our friend’s house with the five pounds of potato salad I had made for the occasion.  Everyone at the party was a little down.  One of our best friends has accepted a job a few states away. He stopped over at the party to say farewell and all I could do was cry. It is not as though I won’t see him again but I could not control the sadness that overcame me.  Feeling like a big baby, I dried the tears and tried to take part in the conversations going on around the house.  As the evening was winding down, my husband and I decided to stay and help clean up.   In the confusion of all the guests leaving, I had noticed our friends, who had hosted the cookout, were upset. I went to check on them and discovered that their 14 year old Scottie dog had died during the party.  They had found their dog passed away in his bed.  Luckily another friend had not left and between the group of us we were able to keep their five year old busy, so that he would not realize the dog was gone.  They wanted to wait till morning to talk to him about the dog’s passing. My husband went with the his friend to bury the dog. Our other friend kept their son busy playing and I tried to comfort my best friend as much as I could.  Later my husband drove me home. He held my hand and we both agreed that the day served as a reminder to love and appreciate your family, friends, and devoted pets at every opportunity. Life is just too short.


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  • Chantal

    What a day that must of been for you. It will be a year, my mother past away in August. It was not a pretty site. I try to remember the good times we had but the agony she went thrue is still fresh in my mind. With time, it will ease off, I hope. Wish you pleasante days ahead! 🙂

  • goldie

    i lost my mom over 2 yrs ago. it is tough. everyday i wake up and think about her instantly. all we can do is hope to God that they are with us and enjoying the view.

    stay strong, my friend

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