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How to unlink Twitter and Facebook

March 24th, 2009 · 71 Comments · Interesting

So you thought it would be a great idea to have your Tweets show up on Facebook? I thought the same thing. But then I realized that I didn’t want Tweets popping up on Facebook. I just thought it was rude to inundate friends on Facebook with tons of tweets.ย  They are different forms of social networking and I decided to seperate the two. I searched for instructions on how to do this, but I didn’t have any luck. I found a bunch of people wondering how to turn offย  Twitter on Facebook. So here is how I did it:

1. Click on Settings and select Application settings.


2. Scroll down the list of applications to the Twitter application. Click on Edit Twitter Settings and then click on Never publish stories from Twitter.


3. Log in to your twitter account and send out a Twitter. Check your Facebook account to make sure no Tweets are posting to your Facebook page.

I recommend this because at times Facebook glitches and fails to update setting changes.



I posted this in March. At the time this was the only option to unlink. If you know an easier way, please leave a comment or a link. Thanks!


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  • Beekers

    I think it is a personal decision to link or not link. I have decided for myself not to link. It offers a convenient way for people to streamline two social networks.

  • Deanna

    Ugh, that was so annoying. Thank you so much for helping me unlink my tweets! I think my friends were starting to hate me.


  • nancy

    Help! Facebook will not let go of my tweets. I have followed your directions….any suggestions. Is this a Facebook malfunction?

  • Beekers

    Nancy, I went back in to make sure this works and I had no problems. Once you select never publish stories from Twitter and then select okay, your twitter feed should stop. If this does not work I would contact Facebook’s admin.

  • Melinda Venable

    Thanks for this post – I was desperate to disconnect my linked Twitter and FB. I had trouble on the 1st try with your instructions and found that I had to really dig around in the FB application settings under the “show” pull down menu. I found Twitter in 2 different sections. Then once in the Twitter options, there are several tabs at the top to click thru and turn off. Don’t stop short or you’ll stay linked. Hope this helps.

  • Beekers

    There is a way to completely delete Twitter as an application in Facebook. You can do a search for the Twitter application. When their page loads under the Application settings you can delete the twitter application. That does take a bit more than just turning it off which is what my instructions do.

  • Andreas

    Thanks! Worked for me!
    Sheesh! I don’t think I’ll be linking the two again for a very long time!

  • Heida

    while we’re on the subject :), any ideas on how to decouple Yahoo IM and twitter? My tweets suddenly started appearing on IM (which I only use for work)… very rude surprise and I can’t for the life of me sort out how to turn it off…

  • mia

    FYI – it took me forever to figure this out, but for some reason Twitter didn’t show up on my application list, so I had to choose “Authorized” from the drop down menu to see it (and then delete it).

  • Mike Papadopoulos

    Actually they have now made it easier than that. Go to settings, then go to application settings, scroll down till you see Twitter, then just click on the “x” on the right side. That eliminates it altogether.

  • Karl

    Thank you. I couldn’t figure this out on my own. You are a lifesaver, Becky.

  • Bec

    THANK YOU!! I totally needed this ๐Ÿ™‚

  • pickypickypicky

    THANK YOU!…. my god is facebook not designed to re-navigate things like this.

  • Pierre

    Thanks, very helpful ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Philip

    THere is a new tool now that allows you to selectively post tweets to facebook using the hashtag #fb. Here is the app link

  • Amanda Sanders

    Just wanted to thank you for this info. I have been going crazy the last two days trying figure out how to do this.

  • Mehiko

    Thank you … it’s okay but when you’re in tweetwars with someone… no good!

  • Martin

    Thanks for the help. You pointed me in the write direction, but I think it has changed a bit.

  • profwebs

    Hover over settings, pick applications, pick allowed to post in the dropdown, find twitter, click edit setting, additional permissions tab, uncheck the box.

  • nikki

    I’m stuck, I do not have a twitter app. in my application settings. I have have cleaned up my apps there are only 18 apps left. but still my tweets are show up …. so frustrated! any ideas?

  • Nina

    THIS WAS SOOOOO HELPFUL! I’m mad I couldn’t remember how to detach the two but THANKS! God bless!

  • cayla

    thank you so much!!! i thought it was a great idea to–not so much.

  • Chris Trew

    You are the boss!

  • nes

    finally, i have unlink it!

  • zzanyy

    Works like a charm. Thanks a million!

  • Hannah Tripp

    Thank you! This was exactly the short and sweet answer I was looking for!

  • Sadie

    WOOW!!! OMG!! i am like so thankful to you!! linking my two accounts, at first, seemed like an excellent idea. now, its just plain annoying. i looked everywhere on the facebook app page and didnt see the Twitter app. Thankk God for this!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  • Paul Dunn

    Thanks. couldn’t figure this one out!!

  • Web Design Asheville

    Thank you! That did the trick. I was looking for several minutes, and decided to turn to google for help as usual. High five!!!

  • D DUS JI

    Thanku so much ,
    its So Helpful,

  • Holly Hamann

    Thanks so much for this post. Even now (Dec 09), it is still helpful. I was searching Google for tips on how to unlink Twitter to Facebook. One thing I noticed – When you first go to your Settings Tab and click “application settings”, Facebook defaults to listing the apps you have used in the last 3 months and I didn’t see the Twitter app listed. I found this confusing at first because I installed the Twitter app over a year ago and figured it should show up since I use Twitter every day. Not so!

    You have to adjust the upper right setting called “Show: ” and choose “authorized” from the drop-down list. This will show you ALL the apps you’ve authorized and then you can delete. Once I found this, I was able to delete and now I can selectively choose to post to Facebook via Tweetdeck. Whew. Thanks for the info!!

  • EktorItuarte

    That doesn’t work anymore, now that the Facebook GUI changed again it’s necessary to follow a different procedure.

    While finding the settings remains the same, now one simply must click on the third tab of the app settings; called “additional permissions”. There, we must uncheck the box.

    That should do the trick.

    Additionally, you could switch it back on by following the same procedure.

    Hope this was helpful, happy-remorseless tweeting!

  • knitoneone

    Thanks for the leg work on this issue. Finally did the deed thanks to you and your commenters!

  • Catherine Denton

    Thank you, thank you! I finally got it off. whew
    Winged Writer

  • Sparklehouse

    What I wanted to do was, de-couple my personal status and my Twitter account.

    Just found the place.

    Jeez, longest mousing around EVER.

    Here you go, in case you’re interested:

    What took me so long was, I didn’t understand where to find Applications tab. You gotta hold down the “Settings” tab–under that is “Applications Settings.” [if you just choose “Account Settings” you’ll never get there=mistake I was making].


  • cathyo

    Disabling Twitter in “additional permissions” involves about 8 clicks, as it is listed under several categories as you scroll down. I Xed the first one, and tested, but tweets still showed up on Facebook, then I went back and saw all the other Twitter permissions that I needed to delete.

  • phili

    I can’t tell you how much I appreceate this instruction to unlink my account. This was a huge help for me. Thanks!

  • Adam F

    Thanks for the tips! The layout is a bit different now, but it still helped. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kaushik

    Thanks a ton. That was helpful.

  • MissPR


  • Nadia

    Thank you! It was driving me mad and preventing me from enjoying twitter!

  • samantha j

    Thanks for the tip! Very helpful. I was starting to get pretty frustrated being unable to unlink them. So glad to see the easy instructions.

  • helen

    thanks!! driving me mad now never mind FB pals… all split now

  • Sanjay kumar yadav

    Thanks…I was not getting the way out.

  • Natalie Wickham

    Thanks so much for posting this! I came to the exact same conclusion about the linking of twitter to facebook, but couldn’t figure out how to unlink them. Problem now solved!

  • TammyTurnip

    If you don’t see Twitter in your Facebook account setting, it might be in your Twitter settings on Twitter. Go to your Twitter page and click “settings”. If you see a “connections” tab, click it. You can deauthorize the Twitter/FB connection there.

  • Cindy

    I have a Facebook and Twitter page linked, but it’s tweeting my Facebook message three times! What in the world did I do?

  • Naimah

    Thankyou so much, just deleted it ๐Ÿ™‚

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