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How to unlink Twitter and Facebook

March 24th, 2009 · 71 Comments · Interesting

So you thought it would be a great idea to have your Tweets show up on Facebook? I thought the same thing. But then I realized that I didn’t want Tweets popping up on Facebook. I just thought it was rude to inundate friends on Facebook with tons of tweets.  They are different forms of social networking and I decided to seperate the two. I searched for instructions on how to do this, but I didn’t have any luck. I found a bunch of people wondering how to turn off  Twitter on Facebook. So here is how I did it:

1. Click on Settings and select Application settings.


2. Scroll down the list of applications to the Twitter application. Click on Edit Twitter Settings and then click on Never publish stories from Twitter.


3. Log in to your twitter account and send out a Twitter. Check your Facebook account to make sure no Tweets are posting to your Facebook page.

I recommend this because at times Facebook glitches and fails to update setting changes.



I posted this in March. At the time this was the only option to unlink. If you know an easier way, please leave a comment or a link. Thanks!


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  • Sonam

    Since Facebook has updated it’s interface I solved this issue a little differently. Here’s what I did:

    1. I Clicked on Application Settings under the main “Account” tab
    2.Then clicked on the scroll down button to where it says “Authorized”.
    3. Hit the “X” button to remove my twitter application.
    4. I was finally FREE from all the annoying Twitter updates on my Facebook Page n my friends LOVE me again!

    Thank you so much for your help!!!

  • Sarah T

    Thank you SO much for this simple way to turn off this feature that I too, thought would be brilliant.

    Appreciate it very much!


  • Leanne

    So I tried finding the Twitter application in my FB applications. It wasn’t showing, but my tweets kept showing up on my wall. Quite annoying for me and my friends since my tweets are linked to my business account. I went to twitter help, they have a section which walks you through linking FB and Twitter, this same link allows you to Allow or Deny access. Success, my accounts are no longer linked. Here’s the link:

  • Meg Steele

    I looked and looked and couldn’t find an answer that worked, and finally figured it out.

    Click to get on your Profile page.
    Right under the Status Update box, there is a pale blue word: “Options” – click it
    Right where you clicked “Options” will now appear the word “Settings” – click it
    At the bottom of the short list of things you can now do, you will see “Application Settings”. Click on the blue words, “Application Settings Page”
    A screen with all of your Applications will now appear.
    Scroll down through the gazillion quizzes you have taken and find Twitter.
    Click on far right, “Edit Settings”
    Look for the setting “Post updates to my wall”
    Click “Remove”
    That should do it!
    They’ll probably change it again but as of 11/8/10, this works. Sheesh.

  • brian

    with another interface update now you have to click Account: Account Settings: Notifications (tab): scroll down and uncheck Twitter under Other Applications

  • Karen

    Things seem to have changed. So this worked for me when I unlinked youtube and facebook just now:
    1. search for \twitter\
    2. choose view all results
    3. click on applications in the left column
    4. chose twitter application
    5. click on go to application
    6. chose leave application

    Good luck!

  • Bryan

    My method:
    1. Click on Account » Privacy Settings
    2. Under Applications and websites, click on Edit your Settings.
    3. Click the ‘X’ to remove the applications.

  • Enigmatium

    Realmente útil!
    muchas gracias…nos ha servido mucho vuestra sencilla explicación.

  • Steph

    Updated – easier to do, but harder to find. This link worked as of 6/23/11:

    Good luck!

  • Laura

    It took me awhile to realize that I had linked my twitter to facebook through twitter (I couldn’t find any link on my facebook) so I went to my twitter account and under SETTINGS>APPLICATIONS, I selected “revoke access” when it came to my facebook page being linked with my twitter.

  • Chez

    Thanks to the method of Bryan // Dec 6, 2010 at 10:30 am I was successful!

  • Wendy Irene

    Thank you very much for helping me with this!! I really appreciate it. I had no idea how to unlink twitter and facebook until visiting your site. Have a great day!

  • Christina Motley

    Thanks for sharing. Your directions were perfect.

  • Linnea

    Thank you! Now, do you know the trick to getting a Tweet from a business Twitter account to post to a Facebook Page (again, a business side) without first posting to your personal FB page?

  • Fiona

    thank you x 100 for your help – I’ve now stopped rambling to my FB friends!

  • Lady M

    Hey thank u so much for this 😀

  • James

    Thumbs up for adding this to your website. I was able to finally remove twitter from Facebook as I was getting duplicate posting from twitter to Facebook.

  • David G

    Thank you it was overload and very business orientated. Now I can keep my personal and business life separate!

  • Prasen

    Uff! how much relieved …a feel good feeling…finally severed them…

  • Merritt | LiveSimplyLove

    Steph’s link above worked perfectly for me. (Otherwise I would have never found it).
    Still good as of 6/12/12:

  • Scott

    Update this! There’s an easier way.

    As outlined here:

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