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April 24th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Gripes, Humor


New Jersey Gripe #100:

Is it asking too much to put up road signs? Is it asking too much to put up signs that people can read?

Case in Point:

This evening my husband and I were attempting to get to Sayreville, NJ.  Google maps gave us perfect directions that should have worked, however this is NJ. The first problem is that apparently the sign that would tell you to turn right to get onto Route 9 gets hit so often, they don’t bother to put it back up anymore.  The only way to know to go right is to be born in Sayreville and  have lived in the area your entire life. Screw the rest of us trying to get around. The second problem is what my husband and I call White Street.  The signs have been posted for so long, that they have weathered until all you see is a white road sign. You can’t read the street name.  We call this White Street. Whenever we give directions to get to our house, we include White Street. You will go up 36, passing three White Streets and at the fourth, you take the jug handle.  Forget explaining what a jug handle is to anyone who is not from NJ. Everyone from out of town wants to know why the state doesn’t trust it’s citizens to turn left at lights or pump their own gas.

The husband took this as an opportunity to point out the new car he wants has GPS.


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  • Jenny Georgio-who

    Okay this is funny because I was talking to my husband about the major difference between the south and the north.

    In Texas (DFW area) they label the streets, in fact when you are on a major street it has a sign saying “Next street: Street Name”. Not only that but the names of the streets are ON the traffic lights IN THE MIDDLE of them. You can visibly see every street name in the area I’m from. In Montreal you are lucky if you can find a street name. There is usually a 4 way intersection and the signs with the street names are tiny and in front of only one intersection while the other 3 directions are straining to see what street they are at to know if they have to turn.

    Thats why we have so much traffic in the north. Someone is in the middle lane, they look around for a street sign only to realize its the street they have to make a left at, they put their blinker on to try to move to the left lane (at a light) their light turns green to go straight but they want to go left so they sit there like idiots waiting for the other light to change, People behind them are honking, the person in the left lane doesnt want to let them in because they are obviously idiots for not knowing where they are going….

    Sorry to ramble!

  • Chantal

    We have the white streets here too.
    Or they decide to change the name of the street, but they haven’t changed it on the google map. That could be a problem. 🙂

  • Beekers

    Jenny: You are right on. I have lived all over and this is a problem that I find unique to the tri-state area.

    Chantal: I don’t understand the need to keep changing the names of streets. That just makes directions even more confusing.

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