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Goodbye Dear Friend

May 18th, 2008 · 8 Comments · Art, Gifts/Products

After three years of devotion and loyal service my Nokia cell phone was laid to rest this weekend. I loved my Nokia. It vibrated. It had flashing lights. It had an awesome techno beat that could be heard from the bottom of any purse known to womankind. Over the past few weeks, she didn’t quite vibrate as much as she buzzed and I could hear others but they could not hear me. I haven’t determined the best environmental way to bury her, so for the moment she is laid out for viewing on my desk. Please bow your head for a moment of silence.
After hours of torture and unending research, I decided my new cell phone would be this:

This is the LG enV(2) in black. I have only had it for a few hours, so I will let you all know what I think in a later post. I am not ashamed to say I bought it so I could email and blog while on vacation.


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  • Margaret

    I’ll be watching with interest what you think of this phone. I am facing this same issue. My beloved pink Razar is slowly but surely dying despite the heart transplant it received a few months ago (new battery). I know I could get a newer Razar, but it would somehow seem sacreligious.


  • Monique

    I just got myself a blackberry… and at first I wasn’t all too impressed with it, but now I am in love with the dumb phone and never want to be without it.

  • Frigga

    Haha, I got a new cell phone a few months ago and was very disappointed with the selection out there. I loved my old one and none of the new ones could compare to it. I still miss it, even though everybody is impressed when they see my new one… it’s just not the same…

  • fragileheart

    Whoa. Talk about upgrade. I want a crackberry… I’m addicted and I don’t even own one yet. Let me know how you like this baby. I heart technology

  • TOPolk

    I feel your pain. I’ve had 5 different phones in my lifetime, but my first two were NOKIAs. They’re great phones as the only reason I replaced the first one was because it wasn’t capable of playing cool ringtones. Otherwise I loved it to no end.

    The two phones I had afterwards (a crappy Kyocera and an LG) lasted no where near as long and never held a charge. My current phone (a Samsung Hue) looks like it could be a winner, but I’ve only had it a week or so. The jury’s still out…

  • Samsara



    The sadness of losing a great phone…I know this loss only too well. I regret that I replaced her with a Razr that would die tragically less than 6 months later. One accidental drop and it was toast.

    The one before…? Took every abuse I could throw out. Let me find a link on it. Motorola V5 something that flashed purple and pink and orange on the outside – when it rang. It was a rugged, tough beauty that one.

    I feel your loss.
    My condolences.

  • Erica

    Wow, my jaw seriously just dropped looking at that phone! What an upgrade. Can’t wait to hear about it!

  • BK

    LOL! Somehow you don’t have to say anything, I have the same thought in mind when I saw the keyboard (sort of) – email and blog on vacation! 🙂

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