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Global Warming Creates Driving Hazards

February 11th, 2008 · No Comments · Gripes, New Jersey


Note: If you expect validation for the theory of global warming, this may not be the blog entry for you.

I like to drive. I am a good driver who hates bad drivers. You know who you are. You like to drive in the left lane 10 miles under the speed limit. You like to talk on your cell phone, smoke a cigarette, eat a bagel and look at a map. You have 10 people crammed in a car and you are weaving in and out of traffic as you all sing along to the current teen theme. The people that drive me up the wall the most are the Snow Birds. A snow bird is a elderly person who lives in the Northeast but travels to Florida each winter to escape the bad weather in the North. Many of them choose to drive down Interstate 95. If you live anywhere along I95, you comment to friends and family about those crazy old northerners heading down to Florida when you start to notice the NY, NJ, CT, or Florida license plates. Now that I live in NJ, I get a break each year as they meander their way down to Florida. This leaves the roads void of people driving 20 miles under the speed limit, running lights because they can’t see, turning down one way streets in the wrong direction, creating a wall of cars that block the entrances to local stores as they drop off and pick up, and cars weaving all over the place because it has been a decade since they noticed those the painted lines on the road that designate their lane. Global Warming is screwing this up. The last two winters have been very mild and so versus driving to Florida, they are sticking around. This is good for the local economy, but bad for those of us that look forward to the few months they are not on the roads with us. GOD, please send a blizzard.

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