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Etsy: When does common sense tell you no?

January 14th, 2008 · No Comments · Gripes


I was on’s site today. I enjoy reading the articles, blog entries and getting ideas for future projects. I came across this entry for a cute and colorful felt mobile on Etsy is a craft-fair on computer steroids. There are currently 19177 items under the category knitting. You can purchase each of these items for the price listed by the crafts-person. I have been visiting the site for about a year now. What flabbergasted me today was that this abstract FELT mobile was listed for $200.00. All I could think was, “When does common sense tell you no?”. So I started looking at other items on Etsy and I found an unidentified creature that even though it is a plush toy, can’t be washed, which even the maker didn’t know what to call it for $140.00. I found a Six Footed Cyclops for $500.00, a Pink Chickenbaby that is half baby, half chicken for $300.00 and a porcelain gumball machine for $185.00. The gumballs are free because it can’t accept money. I had to stop looking after I found the $200.00 Pirate Donut that you stick your head through to wear it. You can see each item by clicking on the picture above. Homemade items have recently jumped in popularity due to issues with imported goods and the desire to have unique items. Etsy allows you to find talented people who do amazing work. One of the things that has drawn me to Etsy is that I felt that prices where fair and reasonable for the good offered. Lately though I have felt that a number of the craftspeople are touched in the head at the prices they set for items especially when there are 19000 items just like yours being sold or even better I can copy what you made for a fraction of the cost. Etsy has lost some of its luster in my opinion. On the good side of things, I see a Abstract Felt Mobile in the future for one of my nieces and I bet you I spend maybe $20.00 to make it. (Includes wrapping paper and birthday card.)

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