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Entrecard and Favicon

February 10th, 2008 · No Comments · Interesting


Note: This blog is not a technical blog, but I just spent a few hours figuring all of this out and I hope someone might find it useful.

I kept seeing Entrecard on a number of sites I visit on the web. I liked the idea of creating a web business card and distributing it so that people can see that I came to their site. Kinda like when you are selling your home and real estate agents leave a card to let you know they have walked through. I always try to comment on sites that I like but if I don’t, it usually means I have nothing to add. My intention with this site is not to make money but rather to network with fascinating people, ramble about things I find interesting and to learn. I will only pick Entrecard ads to sites that I like or find interesting. So using GIMP, I created my business card above. GIMP is a pain in the ass but I can’t see paying the money to buy Adobe Photoshop. If you know enough about desktop publishing and graphic manipulation, GIMP will get the job done.

Random Interjection: An ogre’s tooth weighs 3 pounds. Or at least that is what the husband just told me while playing his game.

I decided to start looking through the sites that are registered with Entrecard and I came across a blog post about Favicon. Didn’t know what is was. Curiosity piqued, I read like a good girl. You know icon that appears next to the web address in the URL bar? Well that is a Favicon. I decided I needed one. The husband doesn’t particularly like it when I decide to add things to this site that may involve me turning around and asking tons of questions while he is solving the problems of the world…a.k.a. whichever world he is playing in a computer game. So I found a few sites to help and figured this out for myself.

FavIcon From Pics,

Clickfire’s Tutorial

Dream In Code

I created my image by using the first website. The second website gave me a good idea of what I needed to embed the image in my root directory. The third website came in handy because the favicon was just showing up on my homepage and not the other pages or when you bookmarked my site. I used the code recommended and added it to my root directory. I was then able to see the favicon on all my pages and when I bookmarked the site!

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