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Dum Dums

April 9th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Food


I loved the days when my mother or father had to go to the bank to make a deposit. I knew that on those days I was going to get a Dum Dum. I also loved getting shots because my doctor gave me a Dum Dum afterwards.  Bonkers, Now and Laters, Sugar Daddies and Zebra gum were close, but poor seconds in my mind. I would horde my Dum Dums and I categorized them according from favorite to least favorite. The least favorites were used to bribe my sisters to leave me alone or to not tell my parents I had did something.  The favorites were savored and pulled out to celebrate or to console myself if I got in trouble. It is amazing that something so simple could make my world so much better. Excuse me while I go enjoy one today.


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  • Damien

    My 4 y/o daughter pointed at the screen and said “lollipops.” Guess some things never change!

  • Beekers

    Life would be so much easier if candy were our currency!

  • Alexia

    I loved going to the bank with my parents for exactly that reason! My bank doesn’t do that so much anymore though 🙁 I always feel like my boys are missing out LOL

  • Beekers

    I just found out this morning my local bank does not give out dum dums…they give out dog biscuits. This generation is so missing out.

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