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Do you ever have a problem with pronouncing a particular word?

April 19th, 2008 · 13 Comments · Gripes

I can’t say wrought iron. My husband always giggles when I say those words. He will point it out and ask how do you say this? Part of the problem is that the combination of those two words makes my southern accent very noticeable. The words are drawn way out. When I speak slowly, my accent creeps into the conversation. When I am talk without my accent, I tend to talk too fast. Over the last ten years I have come to accept that I have an accent and that is okay. I would rather have an accent than speak at the sound of light, thus making sure I was never understood. My fear of sounding like an uneducated hick (This is what I was called.) can be completely blamed on the WITCH. We moved north right before the 5th grade. The WITCH was my 5th grade English teacher, who apparently felt it was her duty to get rid of my southern accent. I think she was disappointed that I didn’t wear petticoats or refer to the Civil War as the War of Northern Aggression. I was tempted to call her a carpetbagger and a few other choice names. That woman made my life hell for one whole year. I learned to talk at the same speed my mind was working and that made my accent less noticeable. Less accent meant the WITCH stayed off my back. The words I have never been able to get right are wrought iron. I can’t say these words fast and when I say it slowly I sound like the offspring of married first cousins. I have practiced the words and I just think I have a mental block that prevents me from pronouncing them properly. My mom can’t say Vietnamese or aluminum, so she never talks about Vietnam and she calls aluminum foil, Reynold’s wrap. Do you have a word that you just can’t ever get right?


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  • Adam Kamerer

    For the longest time, I refused to believe that colonel was pronounce “kernel.”

  • Jillian

    I can’t say “strength”. It’s perplexing, really.

  • Carol

    Tons of them! I am always smugly thinking I can spell quite well too. 😉 Wrong on all counts!

  • waterrose

    Rural — I get teased all the time. Then no one knows which form of well, whale, wail I’m referring to when I say it…oh those words!

  • Angelika

    Not that I know of. But I’m anal about things like that.

    I was almost 30 before I thought about the fact that we say “law” & then pronounce “Lawyer” as “loyer”.

    I think most everyone does, though, so I don’t feel bad about that one, LOL.

  • Monique

    I can’t pronounce most of my words… sadly.

    I have some off the wall accent that causes me to pronounce things like “magnet” wrong and other odd words. People love to giggle and tell me its cute but after a while i just want to beat people up.

  • Lisa365

    Contrary to popular belief, I do not say “about” like “aboot” lol

    I cannot say “rear” properly… like “rear passenger” in reference to the car… so I’ll say “back passenger” and people look at me funny lol.

    I do honestly say “eh” a lot in real life. *blushes*

  • Damien Riley

    For years I thought vocabulary was voLcabulary. Spelling is strange, especially English spellings. there are a lot of exceptions to he rules.

  • Sandra

    There are tons of words I have troubles with, but I blame it on English being my second language 😉

  • pilotg2

    I cannot say crayon. I have to conscienciously make myself slow down and pronounce the syllables, otherwise it comes out as “crown”.

  • Lori

    This post just cracked me up because I think we all do it. I can never say “immunization”. I don’t know why but I get stuck halfway through. My husband makes me die laughing when he is telling me something our church “pasture” said. He just can’t say that word correctly and I always envision our “pastor” grazing in a field, and the flock thing….just makes me giggle is all 🙂

  • fragileheart

    Ok, I’m sure there’s a word I can’t say… but I just can’t think of it… When I do… I’ll come back here!

  • Marsha

    As far as I know I pronounce things right. What bothers me though is when people say the following: Preforated instead of Perforated. Fustrated instead of Frustrated. And my favorite is Surrimp instead of Shrimp.

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