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Are bras optional when answering the door for the pizza guy?

April 10th, 2008 · 17 Comments · Humor


photo by: Olivander 

My mom has a neighbor who I swear waits for me to visit so that he can stand behind his storm door in nothing but tighty whites while scratching those hard to reach places. My mom laughs when I mention it because none of the other neighbors have ever seen the guy doing this. Well the issue of what is appropriate coverage while going to your front door popped up again. Last night we ordered Papa John’s for dinner. There is nothing better than dunking pizza in garlic flavored oil to make you feel healthy. Prior to dinner, I had planted a million get well flower bulbs in my mom’s garden and so I had jumped in the shower to clean up. I was in the process of dressing when a friend called to check on my mom. In the middle of the conversation the doorbell rang. Our pizza only took 15 minutes to get to us when we were told it would be 45 minutes to an hour. Well I let my mother, who is wearing a neck-brace, answer the door because I have a rule that if I am not appropriately dressed I will not answer the door. If the twins are not strapped in, I feel like an exhibitionist. Well my friend called me a prude and said it was no big deal because I would never see the person again. I disagree because as I said in a previous post, everyone in Richmond knows at least someone from my extended family. I can just imagine my grandmother on the phone asking if I needed new bras because great aunt so&so’s grandniece goes to school with the sister of the pizza delivery guy and he told her I answered the door bra-less. (It really works that way.) So today I have been doing a kind of informal poll among friends to ask if they think bras are optional. Some agreed with me and others could answer the door buck naked and feel completely comfortable. Are you a strapped down and reporting for duty kinda gal or a feel the breeze type?


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  • Crista

    OMG I have to wear a bra but there are times where I have opened the door in my jammies braless but I don’t care! lol

  • Monique

    I have been guilty of not strapping the girls down before opening the door, but only when it’s just me at home and I know I just HAVE to answer the door.

    On the other hand, I can not tell you how many boobies I have seen since working at the Post Office. It’s amazing how many women come in with it all hanging out, bending all over for the world to see.

  • Lisa365

    Haha… your post just made me laugh 🙂

    I totally agree. If I’m not dressed or up to par to be seen, I’ll pretend I’m not home. LOL.

    However for a pizza guy kind of thing where it’s like 5 seconds of conversation, I’ll throw on a heavy sweater and keep my arms folded across my chest!

  • motherwise

    As long as the robe is thick and fluffy (and no chance of seeing more than one lump or two) I am okay with letting the girls go without guidance.

  • Ruthie

    Hehe! I’ve done that! TOO MANY TIMES! LOL

    Great post!

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  • pilotg2

    From a guys perspective:
    If the twins are nice, no bra. If they have long lost the fight with gravity, yes bra.
    That is a little chauvinistic, so now for the more sensitive side: what ever you are comfortable with (as long as they still look good).

  • Rachel

    I will answer if they aren’t strapped down, sometimes I don’t want to wear a bra, and I don’t give a hoot who sees me in my house like that. it is my house, and I refuse to be uncomfortable in my domain.

  • Julia

    I wish my boobs were big enough to need a bra! LOL
    So unless my shirt is see-through on some level, I don’t bother with a bra.

  • Jillian

    I always wear a bra when anyone comes over.. pizzaboy, friends, in-laws, my own family! I also put on a hat if my hair isn’t combed.

    Also, I have been known to straighten up before the cable guy comes over… AND the pizza boy. It’s the whole first impression thing. And plus we order pizza at least once a week from the same place… usually the same driver… so yeah… gotta look presentable and tip DECENTLY!

  • fragileheart

    I’m pretty bad at answering the door bra-less… or being the presence of people whilst bra-less. I can’t help it. I don’t have a lot to put into bras, so they’re usually more of a hindrance than a service to me. But the boyfriend is not very happy about this ‘fact of me’, so I’m trying to at least wear bulkier things so that people can’t tell I’m braless. hehe Great post Beeks (there I go with the laziness again – hope you don’t mind)

  • Beekers

    According to my husband most men are at least sneaking a quick glance at womens’ chests whether they are wearing a bra or not. I guess it just boils down to what you are comfortable with! For me this means keeping the twins under wrap.

  • Damien Riley

    I was a pizza guy for 10 years … When the no bra option is selected, you hardly notice when you get stiffed! LOL

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  • Bob O

    While you probably think you already know the guy’s pat response..I’ll try to give you all the varying male perspectives:

    (The assumption is that you have already chosen to answer the door wearing no bra)

    Husband – Don’t you think you should strap those in first?
    Boyfriend – My girlfriend is so hot!
    Pizza Guy – Um
    Teenage Son – Dude, that’s my mom!
    Pre-Adolescent Son – I need to stop looking! That’s my mom!
    Older Elementary School Son – Mom? Is that the pizza guy?
    Younger Elementary School Son – Alright! Pizza!
    Kindergartner son- Hey, Pizza guy, watch this!
    Pre-schooler son- I don’t want to eat! I hate pizza! All we ever eat is pizza. Can I have some ice cream?

  • Beekers

    Bob O: That sounds like what my husband would say!

  • Michele

    Oh that was good!

    I feel the same way as you mostly. I like to have the twins strapped in for most occassions. Though I have answered the door without one, but only because I was wearing a thick sweatshirt, and to my logic, makes them less noticeable. Right?

    At least you didn’t make the mistake I did a couple of weeks ago, when greeting the pizza dude. I had been in my “painting pants” since I was working on a painting and ran upstairs when the doorbell rang. The only hitch? My pants just happened to have a huge gaping hole in the butt that I totally forgot about, as I turned around to grab my money. I was mortified!! I live in a very tiny town, so I’m bound to see him again. :0

    Anyway I do agree, if at all possible to be decent when answering the door.

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