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Welcome to Beeker’s Words– a blog devoted to all things I find interesting, disturbing, funny, or just plain newsworthy.

My name is Becky DeNitto  I know I am suppose to tell you about all my experience and why I am an authority on all things interesting, but I think I am a lot like other people. I see things and then think to myself, ” That was a great/crazy book, gift idea, video, joke, or news article”, but I forget where I found it when I start to tell people about it or if I go back to look for it myself. So, I started this blog.  Beeker is a family nickname that my sisters gave me as a child and now my husband uses.

My background is that I live with my husband, new baby daughter Charlotte and 2 cats in Falls Church, Virginia. I have a Bachelors in Social Science Education from the University of Georgia and 10 years of collective work experience in social service, higher education and environmental nonprofits. I am a military brat and I have lived all over the place.

The purpose of this blog is to inform, amuse, and to keep my friends and family updated. It is a chance for you to take 5 minutes out of your day to forget the things around you and to focus on something I believe will interest you because it interests me.

Beeker’s Words is about sharing my insights. This is how I see the world and what I think is interesting. I can be reached via my email address bdenitto (at) gmail (dot) com.


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  • Chuck (a/k/a Rhonda)

    me again – 10 years of social service, huh. i was a ward of the state off and on for 3 years and i’m writing my memoir based on my experiences…i knew there was a reason i liked you!!! *yippee kiyay* have a gr8 day, Becky and keep up the gr8 blog 🙂

  • Seth

    Found you through thirty-something. Like your blog….you need to have it compat with google blogger so I can follow it! Take care and be good to yourself.

  • Jenny

    Wow. We are pretty similiar. I am a Southern (from TEXAS too!!) trapped inside of MONTREAL!!

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