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A Day In My Life

April 15th, 2008 · 7 Comments · Current Events

photo by: Carol Esther

8:15am: Awaken to Bloomberg Live Radio. Guess what? Corn and wheat futures are projecting through the roof. My Fruity Pebbles are going to be more expensive than Shrimp Cocktail.

9:00am: Pete kisses me goodbye and then herds the kitties downstairs for food.

9:15am: I can hear my neighbors getting busy. I give them a 8 for enthusiasm. Anything that causes their dog to bark gets 7 or better.

9:30am: My cat, Infiniti G37 (Kirby), goes bonkers. He climbs the living room wall. (I really mean he climbed the wall.) I catch him and trim his claws. His spelunking days are done for at least two weeks.

9:40am: I dab my wounds with Neosporin and grab my first glass of sweet tea.

10:00am: Start to vacuum.

10:00am & 30 seconds: Realize the vacuum bag is full and I have no spares.

10:01am: Make list of things to buy at Target. Decide to go to library, bank, and then Target.

10:30am: Talk to friend Nicole. She is scheduling us for pedicure & manicure next Wednesday. I hate strangers touching me, but I like my digits to look their best.

10:45am: Shower….I love the smell of Spring Green Vitabath!

11:30am-12:30pm: Library, Bank, Target. I had to buy Juno and Taylor Swift’s cd in addition to the vacuum bags.

12:40pm: Talk to sis in Louisiana. Everyone is sick and on their way to the doctor.

12:50pm: Council my friend Amp about her job.

1:00pm: Eat lunch while vacuuming. Grab second glass of sweet tea.

1:30pm: Talk to mom. Drink third glass of sweet tea.

2:00pm: Talk to Nicole. Wednesday is confirmed. Now the “day spa” wants you to give them a credit card number so that if you cancel with less than 24 hours until your appointment, they still charge for the service. My thought is that this is a bad business move. Things have a way of popping up for me at the last minute. I need service that is flexible. I probably won’t go there again unless they can take me as a walk-in.

2:15-4:00pm: More vacuuming. Clean kitchen. More sweet tea. Blaring my new CD. I love the single Our Song.

4:00-5:30pm: Read classifieds. Check email. Drop Entrecards. Contemplate what I can do for our friend’s new girlfriend who is visiting from the Philippines. Still not sure…inspiration will come.

5:30pm: Bake a cake. Prep dinner for tonight and tomorrow night. Notice a duck wondering in the backyard. That could explain why the cat went bonkers. Finish watching old shows on TiVO. I really like the show Big Bang Theory. I have a thing for geeks.

7:00pm: Start dinner.

8:00pm: Pete gets home. We eat dinner while watching Juno. (Favorite Line: His junk smells like pie.) I am now going to pick on hubby by continually saying, “Your junk should smell like pie.” I will always think of Juno as I eat my Orange Tic Tacs. I love the ending of the movie. You have to rent or buy it!

10:00pm: Blogging!


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  • fragileheart

    I’m beginning to feel like stalker: often being the first to comment, being the one who comments the most… I swear I’m not. But then again, don’t they all say that? Crap. Oh well.

    Lovely day. Though… what’s sweat tea? Is it hot? Is it iced? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before? How on earth did you manage to go the Library, the bank and Target in an hour? Please tell me they’re all close by?

  • Beekers

    Sweat Tea is served over ice. It is a typical drink in the Southeast part of the U.S. I live close to the library, bank and Target. I like to make a list and do things quickly.

  • Fiendish

    I have a thing for geeks too.

    Should I also watch the Big Bang Theory?

    Nice post 🙂

  • Kris

    You should get iTunes then you could have downloaded just the Our Song single — the whole CD is ok but not GREAT, and Juno. Just trying to help you streamline your day. 🙂

  • Beekers

    Fiendish: I highly recommend Big Bang Theory.

    Kris: I have iTunes. I had problems on my old computer downloading music, but now I have a new one and I need to get back in the habit. Thanks for the advice!

  • Rachel

    Sounds like a nice day! I wish I had the time and money to go to the spa god that sounds relaxing!

  • Wickedly Cool Bean

    Okay, great Juno comment. Just saw it last night. Though it was not what I expected, it still made me cry. As far as the songs go – I really didn’t hear many that I didn’t like, though I do think that I will visit iTunes and get the couple that I loved there. =) In all, it seems you had a good day!

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