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A Blogging Observation

March 1st, 2008 · 4 Comments · Humor

Is it just coincidence? Have you noticed the numerous blog entries about oysters this week? I have seen recipes, jokes, and warnings about not eating raw oysters if you pregnant, suffering liver disease, have diabetes or have felt Lindsey Lohan’s last three movies were Oscar worthy. I don’t want to be left out, so let me share my thoughts with you about oysters. My fondest memory was my sister at the age of 6 being handed a raw oyster and being told to toss it back. She promptly threw up all over everyone within two feet of her. 12 years passed before I could try one for myself. Who is going to try one after you just watched your sister turn into Linda Blair’s character in the Exorcist? My friends and I went to a shore area eatery and with my friends cheering I tossed back an oyster!  It went down and it came right back up. They are slimy, gross, and in my mind they look like the stuff that people suffering from upper respiratory infections hack up. Their shells make lovely decorations on the shore. I will give them that.


photo by: Chris Seufert

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  • Damien Riley

    LOL. It was a PR0 standard opp on PayPerPost this week. All the leeches jumped on board I suppose. Of course, I am not referring to those people who actually had something cool to say about them.

    Seriously though, did you not know about the PPP opp? If not, maybe you can go sign up and submit this to get your 9 bucks.

    Incidentally, I love oysters. I didn’t do a PPP though because squeezing 200 words out would have been too much for my background with the little guys. 😉

  • Beekers

    I am not sure about PPP. I think if I was more into making money from the web, I would look into it. Thanks for the explanation. I couldn’t believe how many blog entries I read about oysters this week!

  • lina

    I love oysters!

    Looks like you still have vivid recollection of the “Exorcist” moment.

  • Lifes Covers

    I guess they do look gross. But that’s just one of their covers… maybe so that people will be less inclined to eat them. Doesn’t work for me though. 😛 When flavored well, they are amazing!

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